Ask Danny

Ask Danny

Overcoming Fear

by Julie C. on Apr 30, 2010 12:00:00 AM in Heights

Julie C.

How come you don’t seem to be afraid of heights anymore? Was that just a shtick for the early seasons?

Danny Forster

Chalk this one up to time and experience. When I started five years ago, I’d never really been high up on a construction site—or in front of a camera for that matter. So I was both terrified and not so great at hiding it. After all this time, I’m better about both. I’m still nervous getting on top of a beam 1,200 feet in the air—and, for the record, you would be too—but I have more faith in the safety precautions, I know from experience I’ll get through it, and I just don’t let myself bitch and moan as much. But the truth is, like anything, overtime you habituate, you get used to it, and you even begin to enjoy it. And there are times when I’m shooting a show about a house or a tunnel and quietly lament the fact that there’s no tower crane to climb or roof to scale.