Ask Danny

Ask Danny

by Trishala B. on Nov 11, 2010 12:00:00 AM in Construction

Trishala B.

You make it look so easy just to pop over and join a massive worksite somewhere. Do things ever go wrong?

Danny Forster

You’re right: usually things go quite smoothly. We’re not investigating human rights abuses, after all—at its heart it’s a positive show celebrating civic accomplishment. The designers, the contractors, and the workers are generally proud of what they’re doing, eager to show it off and helpful. And frankly, unlike how it was when we got started, now people know who are and generally what to expect—and in many cases it’s the projects that now come to us, as opposed to the other way around. But there are glitches. The worst by far was in Mumbai; the very name of that city still gives me cold sweats. Everything went wrong on that project. Construction was not really far enough along for filming. We got arrested for not having proper permits. And to top it off, we all got so sick, doctors had to come to the hotel to treat us—we couldn’t make it to the hospital. Mumbai chewed us up and spit us back to the US. It took us six months to get well enough to go finish the job—and keep in the mind this is 1st time in the history of Build It Bigger where we had to go back to a location in order to get a show. That said, we got the show, and it’s a good one.