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Danny Rings the NASDAQ Opening Bell

On January 5, 2010, as a representative from Science Channel, part of Discovery Communications, Danny presided over the NASDAQ Opening Bell.

An excerpt of Danny's speech:

It′s an honor to be here to open the 2nd official day of trading in what is not just a new year, but also a new decade. And frankly it′s a bit of dubious honor because, I imagine, while many of you are celebrating the dawn of year, most of you in this room are really breathing a sigh of relief that the previous one is over.

The truth is it′s been an unequivocally challenging year, fraught with difficult change and unanticipated complexity. But we did ultimately get through it, the decade has passed, and so it is with great pleasure that I′m able to be here and, with some degree of optimism, to begin to look forward to what the forthcoming New Year will bring.

However, the key is not to forget from whence we came...

Although I'm not in finance, I′ve certainly been impacted by the economic downturn of late. As an Architect and small business owner I′ve had to radically adjust how it is I practice my trade: Simply stated, my capacity to design and build exciting projects is predicated on my clients ability to pay for those projects.

So as a profession we too have had to pivot and rethink how it is we do what we do. I think one of the most exciting aspects of this development is how we′ve engaged the idea of sustainability.

Sustainable design is less a subset what we do as professionals but instead it′s become inextricably tied to everything we do. It′s no longer about building a house as we always have, and then sticking solar panes on top the roof (and calling it green), rather we are now rethinking every aspect of the home.

We′re concerned about how the looks, but also how that house PERFORMS. From the materials we use, to the systems we design, to the way in which we leverage the sun and wind---we as a profession are refining our value proposition and, ultimately, becoming better Architects.