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Danny, Spielberg and Dreamworks Television 'RISE'

Architect and TV host Danny Forster has teamed up with Emmy-winning filmmaker Jonathan Hock and Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg to make The Rising, a six-part documentary about the rebuilding of Ground Zero.

Forster is the creative force behind the series, which will tell the story of the ambitious building project that will transform Lower Manhattan, with a memorial, a transit hub, and a thriving financial center.

As reported in January by Variety, Reuters, C21Media, among others, Steven Spielberg will executive produce the series through DreamWorks Television and New York independent production company KPI Productions.

"As we developed this project we realized no one could tell the story of the amazing engineering feats and the intimate portraits of the heroes involved better than Spielberg," said Debbie Myers, general manager at Science Channel, part of Discovery Communications.

To make the enormous project accessible for viewers, The Rising will use CGI, time-lapse camera footage, and four-dimensional computer modeling techniques, as well as Forster′s unique guidance into architectural problem-solving.  The series will air in 2011 on Science Channel.