Season 5

NYC Subway Construction

Below NYC, three subway projects are underway. Can they be built without disturbing the massive system already in place?

Wonthaggi Desalination

They've discovered a way to circumvent ever increasing droughts by turning salt water into freshwater in an eco-friendly way.

Baku Cultural Centre

This beautiful cultural center is not just a place to house the culture of a young nation— it is also a way to define itself to the world.

London Aquatics Centre

The iconic Aquatic center looks to leave a larger legacy after the 2012 Olympics, transforming into a much-needed community pool.

Sava River Bridge

This 500 ft tall, single pylon, cable-stayed bridge is an engineering marvel. More than that, it is a sign of the new, united Serbia.


Sick of mowing your lawn or shoveling snow? Trade your plot of land for a plot of water! It′s futuristic and happening NOW near Amsterdam.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport

The Mumbai airport is the most delayed in the world. Its multi-billion dollar renovation will fix the problem and make the it a cultural icon!

Deriner Dam

Turkey is making a clever move by harnessing the energy of the country′s powerful mountain waterfalls—a move that involves building a dizzyingly tall dam wedged between those very mountains.

Season 4

Marina Bay Sands Skypark

These are my absolute favorite types of shows to make because it combines all the elements that tend to make the best episodes of Build It Bigger.

Al Hamra Tower, Kuwait

Visit the world's tallest twisting structure that features 2000 tons of limestone, enabling it to combat Kuwait's harsh desert conditions.

New Orleans

Five years after Katrina, we return to focus on two radically different, yet unequivocally essential ways to save the city.

Simplício Hydroelectric Dam

Last October Brazil stunned the world (and Obama) by beating Madrid, Tokyo and Chicago to win the right to hold the 2016 Olympics.

Mponeng Gold Mine

Beware the dangers that lie deep beneath South Africa, the source of the largest gold reserves in the world's deepest gold mine.

San Fran-Oakland Bay Bridge

Crews race to earthquake-proof the Bay Bridge, with some of the heaviest lifts and the largest shock absorbers on Earth.


Travel down under, where a one-of-a-kind "Bioframe" rectangular stadium, can be summed up with one word — WOW.

Abu Dhabi Central Market

This historic and ambitious urban development project, The Central Market Towers, melds tradition with technology.

Port of Rotterdam Expansion

We talk a lot about exciting new buildings, but this episode explores an even more fundamental project: new land.

Gotthard Base Tunnel

Switzerland is revolutionizing Euro transit, using the world's largest boring machine to build the longest tunnel... under the Alps!

Season 3

Las Vegas CityCenter

Details for this project featured on 'Build It Bigger' are currently in development and will be posted soon!

Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Like Texas, the Dallas Cowboys′ new stadium is huge. In a state where football is religion, this monument comes as no surprise.

Navy LPD (USS New Orleans)

The USS New Orleans is the Navy's next generation. Combining the best of earlier models, it takes nine LPDs to replace a fleet!

Stonecutter's Bridge

One of the world's largest cable-stayed structures was just what Hong Kong needed to ease traffic in the overpopulated city.

Olmos Transandino Project

Details for this project featured on 'Build It Bigger' are currently in development and will be posted soon!

NASA's Constellation Program

This is the first complete redesign of the US space shuttle in 40 years. We were allowed to infiltrate NASA's inner workings to see how.

Yas Hotel

How does the world's wealthiest city make an impression? By creating stunningly unique buildings that will blow you away.

Panama Canal Expansion

The Panama Canal broke records with its construction in 1912. Now, to keep up with the times, Panama is expanding the canal...and making history yet again.

Season 2

Navy Destroyer

Behind the scenes of the US Navy, you′ll see how they build and operate Destroyers, the fastest warships in the world.

Arrowhead Water Tunnel

To provide to water the metropolitan desert that is Los Angeles, two huge tunnels are being built along the (very active) San Andreas fault line.

Roller Coasters

Riding a roller-coaster can induce nausea, terror, and exhilaration in the span of three minutes. Building a roller coaster? Even more intense.

Palazzo Hotel, Las Vegas

The huge new Palazzo hotel is LEED Gold certified, leading a wave of sustainable building in—of all places—Las Vegas. Which means green will be more than just the color of the money you lose at the blackjack table.

Mississippi Modular Homes

Safeway Homes uses the assembly line method to make inexpensive, hurricane-resistant homes in a hurry—much to the relief of the displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina.

World Largest Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are like floating luxury hotels. Freedom Class cruise ships are floating luxury cities. Come aboard for an incredible tour.

The Miss Geico

The Miss Geico is the fastest powerboat in the world—hitting speeds over 200 miles per hour. Why so fast? The two Apache helicopter turbines she′s packing certainly don′t hurt.

Galacia City of Culture

The City of Culture is a futuristic six-building tour-de-force set on a hillside in Galicia, Spain. It′s also the realization of architect Peter Eisenman′s fantastic vision.

World Financial Center

You want tall? We′ll give you tall. But the Shanghai World Financial Center is more than that: it sports a grace and elegance beyond any other Chinese skyscraper.

Anniston Army Depot

If any vehicles absolutely need to be dependable, it′s the tanks the Army uses on the front line. The dedicated workers at Annison Army Depot make damn sure they are.

Marmaray Tunnel

This enormous tube tunnel will connect by rail not just the two sides of Istanbul, but two continents. And for an added challenge, they′re building the thing under water.

Trump Tower Chicago

Trump Tower Chicago is cool, practical, and designed to keep the integrity of the famous Chicago skyline. We also get to check out the integrity of the famous Trump hairline.

Nationals Park

While D.C. politicians drag their feet on global warming, D.C. baseball has stepped up to the plate. Check out the country′s first LEED-certified sports stadium, Nationals Park.

Season 1

Arizona Cardinals Stadium

Designing a functional and beautiful stadium is no mean feat. Neither is building it under the unrelenting Arizona sun.

SMART Tunnel

In Kuala Lumpur, what protects from devastating floods also alleviates traffic congestion: the world′s first dual traffic/ water tunnel.

Sakhalin LNG Complex

Miles beneath Russia′s Sakhalin Island lies oil and natural gas. Getting to it requires the largest drilling platforms ever built.

Post Katrina Recovery

Katrina hit on a Monday. By Sunday, workers were repairing the levee system to restore their defenses before the next one hits.

Aircraft Carrier, G.H.W. Bush

As the world′s largest warships, Nimitz Class are impressive. You can′t help but marvel at these mammoths of the seas.

Torre Espacio

Building the distinctive Torre Espacio tower in Madrid is impressive— building at a rate of a floor per week is amazing.